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Having a Caricaturist at your event is a great way to entertain your guest's. Everyone gets involved,
whether they have their caricature drawn or they watch someone else being the victim! It's all good fun
and creates a lot of interest.

 Steve has been drawing since he was a small child (did he grow up then?) and equates it to breathing,
he can't do without it!

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Caricaturists In The Corporate Sector

Caricaturists often work for companies at exhibitions drawing caricatures of visitors to that company's stand.
This helps keep people on your stand as well as attracting the attention to passing groups.
At exhibitions, when potential business is walking by, it is important to stand out from the crowd and a
caricaturist does this for you.

At company dinners, leaving parties and drinks receptions, caricaturists are a great talking point and they get
people laughing as they move around the room drawing your guests.

Advertising & Marketing; At events like those above 'on the spot caricatures' would be produced, which are
generally lacking in detail and drawn in black & white. For advertising & marketing full colour drawings with
more detail are normally required. The caricaturist would normally produce these in their studio. The examples
shown on this website are a mixture of 'on the spot' and 'studio' caricatures.

Caricaturists In The Private Sector

Caricaturists are very popular at weddings and dinner parties, etc. Often used during the drinks reception and / or
wedding breakfast, keeping the guests entertained between courses as well as giving them a keep sake of the day.

Caricatures By Post

Our caricaturists can draw caricatures from photographs supplied you. Please complete the general enquiry form
and enter your requirements.

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